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Position No. 8

White to play and win

After 1. d7 Rd3

2. Bd3 Rd5 to stop the pawn, then

3. Rf4 followed by Rf5 (if Kg5 or Kh5) or Bf5 (if Kh3) wins. So black must try

2. ........g2+

3. Kg2 Re2+

4. Kf3 Rd2

But then..

5. Kf4 threatens mate with Rh1, so 5.....Rcc3 or Rdd3 to prevent mate

And 6 Bd3 wins!


Position No. 4

White to play and draw

If 1 Rg4 then Bc6 2 Kb4 g2 followed by pushing the h pawn wins.

So 1. Rd8+ Kg7 2. Rd3 Bc6+ 3. Kb4 g2 4. Rg4+ Kf6

Now 5. Kc5 Ba8 or Bb7 6. Kd4 h5 7 Ke3 h4 8 Kf2!

Now if 8...hxg4 9. Kg1 and stalemate!

Position No. 3

White to play and win: Click here for the solution

Position No. 2

White to play and win:

The solution is here.

Position No. 1

As Mark Hebden has now joined us, here is a fine finish from his game against GM Klaus Bischoff in the Dun Laoghaire Masters in Ireland which Mark won earlier this year. Black to play and win.

GM Klaus Bischoff v GM Mark Hebden

For the solution click here



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