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Position No. 2

White to play and win:

Only move to stop mate in one is 1.Ra4. Then 1.....Ra4 (any other allows Rh4).

2. b4. Rb4 (if 2...Ra6 then 3. Kh7).

3. c4, then 4.d4 then5.e4 then 6.f4 then 6.....Rf4.

7. Rf1 forces 7...Rf1 allowing 8 b8=Q and wins.

Position No. 1

As Mark Hebden has now joined us, here is a fine finish from his game against GM Klaus Bischoff in the Dun Laoghaire Masters in Ireland which Mark won earlier this year. Black to play and win.

GM Klaus Bischoff v GM Mark Hebden

For the solution click here



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