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It is with great sadness that we have to report the death of Barry Read who played for the Braunstone club for over 30 years. He passed away last week after a long battle with prostate cancer. Barry will be greatly missed by those of us who have known him during his long association with the club which was the only chess club he’s ever belonged to. Barry’s quiet, unassuming manner has meant that he has been universally liked.

The fixtures and latest results for the new season 2018-19 can be found on the Fixtures & Results tab

The club had a 5 minute tournament last week (28th August), thanks to everyone who turned up and thanks to everyone for participating. A 5-minute game over the board (OTB) seems much faster than online.

Thanks to Ramen and her dad for coming and appreciate her taking part in the tournament. We understand that she is new to chess clubs and we look forward to seeing you guys in the future.

5-Minute Tournament results:

(5.0) Georghe
(4.0) Richard
(3.0) Mendes
(3.0) Shaun
(3.0) Kaijus
(2.0) Sophie
(2.0) Kori
(2.0) Hettle
(1.0) Noor
(0.0) Ramen

Congratulations to Georghe for winning the tournament!

Congratulations to Tom Brown who won the Under 1900 section of the British Championships at Hull earlier this month, scoring a perfect 5 out of 5.

The clubs Annual General meeting took place in June 2018 and the minutes from the meeting together with John Oliver's valedictory report can be found here

The 2018 Braunstone Club Championships has been womn by Tom Brown - congratulations! All the results and cross table etc can be found on the club championship tab

And congratulations to Patrick Reid who won the U135 section of the Nottingham congress over the weekend April 21st and 22nd

Pat won all his games to get 5 out of 5 and won £150!

Jim Bingham has been playing in the 2017 County Championship Open section, along with John Robinson, Sherif Gonem and Richard Hanscombe

Here are a couple of positions from his recent games, can you find the best moves?

Firstly against John Denton one of the lines of analysis yielded this position, with John (black) to play :-

An appealing line is then 29....Rb5 when black is starting to threaten to win another pawn and free up his position. But white still has some drawing chances, starting with ......?


Secondly against Dave Farall one of the lines of analysis yielded a position something like this, with white to play :-

White’s position looks a bit perilous but he has a resource (found by Fritz) to gain a draw. So what is it?

Happy solving from Jim B

If any member wishes to have their game published on the website please send it in pgn format to your webmaster and it will be done. See the games tab for a game between your webmaster and the county champion which was wilder than normal.


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