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Position No. 4

White to play and draw

If 1 Rg4 then Bc6 2 Kb4 g2 followed by pushing the h pawn wins.

So 1. Rd8+ Kg7 2. Rd3 Bc6+ 3. Kb4 g2 4. Rg4+ Kf6

Now 5. Kc5 Ba8 or Bb7 6. Kd4 h5 7 Ke3 h4 8 Kf2!

Now if 8...hxg4 9. Kg1 and stalemate!

Position No. 3

White to play and win: Click here for the solution

Position No. 2

White to play and win:

The solution is here.

Position No. 1

As Mark Hebden has now joined us, here is a fine finish from his game against GM Klaus Bischoff in the Dun Laoghaire Masters in Ireland which Mark won earlier this year. Black to play and win.

GM Klaus Bischoff v GM Mark Hebden

For the solution click here



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