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The 2018 Braunstone Club Championships has been womn by Tom Brown - congratulations!

The full details of results and the crosstable can be found on the club championship tab

And congratulations to Patrick Reid who won the U135 section of the Nottingham congress over the weekend April 21st and 22nd

Pat won all his games to get 5 out of 5 and won £150!

The latest matches in the club championship were played on Tuesday 27th February, all the results and cross table etc can be found on the club championship tab

The problems below were in the Observer at Christmas and Jim Bingham has all the solutions if you need them!



What a stunning win last night (12th October) for Braunstone 3 and it was Oadby who were left stunned. At the start of the match, Oadby unveiled their new 'secret' board 1 striker, Stephen Wylie, who was not listed for Oadby, prior to the match.
With all Oadby players having 3 figure grades, they must have sensed victory, what a shock therefore to be turned over by sub 100's.

12 Oct Oadby 1 - 3 Braunstone 3

1 B 138 Wylie, Stephen 1 – 0 Gulab, Vijay 105
2 W 126 Pettitt, David 0 – 1 Read, Barry 99
3 B 106 Candlin, Don 0 – 1 Oliver, John 98
4 W 104 Thornton, Mike 0 – 1 Martin, Paul 86

My early win came courtesy of a blunder by Don Candlin - lucky or what, but the houdini prize goes to Paul for surviving a RQR battering ram and then pulling off a mate. 2 - 0 to Braunstone...............unfortunately Vijay lost, but not until a rook and pawn endgame proved too much. .... 2 - 1 to Braunstone..............

However the 1st brilliancy prize goes to Barry, who amazed everyone in a complicated open position, short of time on the clock, he bamboozled his opponent and mated him, with just 2 minutes to spare.

3 - 1 to Braunstone. well done everyone, Report by John Oliver

Jim Bingham has been playing in the County Championship Open section, along with John Robinson, Sherif Gonem and Richard Hanscombe

Here are a couple of positions from his recent games, can you find the best moves?

Firstly against John Denton one of the lines of analysis yielded this position, with John (black) to play :-

An appealing line is then 29....Rb5 when black is starting to threaten to win another pawn and free up his position. But white still has some drawing chances, starting with ......?


Secondly against Dave Farall one of the lines of analysis yielded a position something like this, with white to play :-

White’s position looks a bit perilous but he has a resource (found by Fritz) to gain a draw. So what is it?

Happy solving from Jim B

If any member wishes to have their game published on the website please send it in pgn format to your webmaster and it will be done. See the games tab for a game between your webmaster and the county champion which was wilder than normal.


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